Terms and Conditions

We are Keyland (actually our legal name is Keyland Limited) and these are the legal-type words that describe the commercial terms of trade that we both subscribe to. We own and publish this really cool website.

1. New Zealand: We’re a Kiwi company and this website is for selling products in New Zealand. We love to export so if you’re from another country, give us a call.

2. Dimensions and specifications: We try hard to make sure that the dimensions and specifications are accurate, but this is a natural product and they are approximate only so we don’t warrant that goods and services will comply precisely with dimensions and specifications. Variations and tolerances are allowed.

3. Our liability: We try our best to have the correct information on this website, however we don’t warrant the information on this website and we aren’t liable for loss or damage caused by any errors or omissions in this website. In any event, our liability for any defective goods or service, or for any arising direct or indirect cost, loss, damage or claim is limited to replacing the goods or providing you with a credit to the value of the goods. We also can’t take responsibility if you’ve materially altered or permanently attached the goods to something else or haven’t looked after them.

4. Copyright: Keyland has a copyright on all of the text, graphics and site design. Please don’t use these materials elsewhere without our permission. We’re happy for you to have a link to our website, only condition is that you load the full html page. Let us know if you want to use a graphic to link to our site and we will provide it with a smile.

5. External sites: We’ve put links to other sites on our website that may be useful to you. Just be aware that they’re owned or operated by third parties so we can’t be responsible for the information on their sites.

6. Privacy: Here at Keyland, we are committed to protecting your privacy and personal information. We don’t sell or rent your personal information to third parties and we will only release your personal information should it be required to comply with the law or to protect Verda’s rights, property or safety. We may send you emails regarding special promotions and offers, however, should you request, we will immediately remove your name from our mailing list.