Structural Walkways, Bridges & Marinas

With their intrinsic performance properties, high density of around 1200kg / m3, hardness at 6kN and natural durability of class 3 in ground and class 2 above ground (as determined by CSIRO research) these timbers represent a superior option for garden sleepers, retaining, wharfing and bridges. Keyland is now able to offer structural Karri and Jarrah cut for specific projects as well as a range of landscape sleepers and timbers.

Sustainable and Certifiable

All Auswest Timbers’ Jarrah and Karri sawlogs are sourced from the WA Forest Products Commission, the state government authority responsible for the sustainable harvesting and regeneration of public forests. The Commission and Auswest Timbers operate under nationally and internationally recognised forestry certification programs, including Australian Forestry Standard, a world class forestry standard endorsed by the foremost assessor of sustainable forest management, the Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). Chain of Custody certification is also available.

Dimensions – width x thickness x length
160mm x 105mm x 2000mm
  • Natural durability so no chemicals
  • High density
  • Weathered surface over time with no leaching
  • Surface cracking is a natural feature as the timbers weather