Tigerply V-Groove Appearance Grade Ply – Poplar Core

TigerPly V-Groove Appearance Grade Ply – Poplar Core

Tigerply V-Groove Appearance ply is a stylish architectural addition to our range. Manufactured with a high-density poplar core for stability and enhanced machining and cutting characteristics, TigerPLY V-Groove comes with a tongue-and-groove profiled edge. An easy to install, convenient substitute for plaster board, V-Groove comes in a finished thickness of 10mm. Finished in Radiata Pine (Pinus Radiata) face veneers from selected NZ grown plantation forests. A clear face with prominent grain, radiata appearance ply is a great choice for interior wall linings. TigerPLY V-Groove comes in a natural pre-sanded finish ready for a paint, stain or oil application or a pre-primed finish ready for final paint topcoats.

Tigerply V-Groove Appearance Grade Ply – HD Poplar Core

Pale, creamy light brown shades with darker brown grain. A prominent vertical ‘V’ groove on the face at 100mm centres. Smooth pre-sanded face with prominent feature grain. Available in a natural or pre-primed finish.


Radiata Pine

Plantation Poplar. High Density ‘EDGE’ Core, Machine composed with 2 step calibration.

E-Zero, Type II, Water resistant interior glue lines. CARB2 Certified.

Tigerply  Appearance Grade – Poplar Core
SizeThicknessGradeCoreProduct Code
2400 x 120010B/C NaturalHD Poplar CoreTPVGRVN102412
2700 x 120010B/C NaturalHD Poplar CoreTPVGRVN102712
2400 x 120010B/C PrimedHD Poplar CoreTPVGRVP102412
2700 x 120010B/C PrimedHD Poplar CoreTPVGRVP102712

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