Tigerply Engineered Red Oak – Poplar Core

Tigerply Engineered Red Oak – Poplar Core

Our Red Oak ply is manufactured from 100% Plantation Poplar, engineered to look like a grainy red oak. Colour ranges from pale whites and browns, through to pinky-red and dark browns. A very attractive grainy appearance suitable for numerous interior lining applications. Engineered Red Oak will take a clear stain or oil finish very well and this will also highlight the attractive features within the product. 2440mm x 1220mm sized sheets are also available for joinery, cabinetry and furniture construction.

Tigerply Engineered Red Oak – Poplar Core

Grainy appearance with colours ranging from pale white and brown through to pinky-reds and dark browns.


Plantation Poplar

Plantation Poplar. #1 Core, Machine composed with 2 step calibration.

E-Zero, Type II, Water resistant interior glue lines. CARB2 Certified.

Tigerply Engineered Red Oak B / C
SizeThicknessGradeCoreProduct Code
2400 x 12009B/C#1 Poplar CoreTPEO092412
2400 x 120012B/C#1 Poplar CoreTPEO122412
2400 x 120018B/C#1 Poplar CoreTPEO182412
2440 x 122012B/C#1 Poplar CoreTPEO12244122
2440 x 122018B/C#1 Poplar CoreTPEO18244122

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