Tigerply Clear UV Coated Araucaria

Tigerply Araucaria Appearance Grade – UV Coated

Araucaria (Araucaria cunninghamii) also known as Hoop Pine is a versatile and visually appealing product, ideal for appearance grade applications. Plantation grown in Australia, Araucaria has a fine grain and texture and a pale, even colour. Araucaria has exceptional structural properties such as a high strength to weight ratio and dimensional stability and is a food grade timber with no odour, saps or resins. Our UV coated ply comes pre-finished with a high quality clear coating on 1 side and is suitable for numerous interior applications including wall and ceiling linings.
Sapphire coat also available to order.

Tigerply Araucaria Appearance Grade Ply – UV Coated (1 side)

Generally light coloured, white to pale yellow with no overly-prominent grain or growth rings. Prefinished face with a clear, high quality coating.


Araucaria (Hoop Pine)

Plantation Poplar. #1 Core, Machine composed with 2 step calibration.

E-Zero, Type II, Water resistant interior glue lines. CARB2 Certified.

Tigerply Clear UV Coated Araucaria
SizeThicknessGradeCoreProduct Code
2400 x 120012B/C – UV 1 side#1 Poplar CoreTPAraB1522412
2400 x 120012B/C – UV 2 side#1 Poplar CoreTPAraB1122412
2400 x 120018B/C – UV 1 side#1 Poplar CoreTPAraB1182412
2400 x 120018B/C – UV 2 side#1 Poplar CoreTPAraB2182412

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