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Karri Deck is a high density and extremely hardwearing hardwood, which ranges in colours from light pinks to deep reddish browns.

With an even texture and interlocking grain, Karri Deck reflects light to give great lustre and depth to its appearance, while highlighting its natural characteristics. A sustainable hardwood option with no bleeding.

Technical Information

Species Eucalyptus diversicolor
Common Name Karri
Origin A native of the south-west of Western Australia
Colour Light pink to reddish brown
Workability Relatively easy to work with, with woodworking tools
Durability Class Class 3 in ground and class 2 above ground (CSIRO)
Hardness 9kN
Kiln Dried Density Approximately 900kg/m3 at 12% moisture content
Strength Group SD2
Modulus of Rupture 132MPa
Modulus of Elasticity 19000MPa
Maximum Crushing Strength 72MPa
Grade Selected
Sizes 85x20 Pencil Round Four Corners, 135x20 Pencil Round Four Corners
Natural Durability – Probable Life Expectancy
Class Probable in-ground life expectancy (years) Probable above-ground life expectancy (years)
1 Greater than 25 Greater than 40
2 15 to 25 15 to 40
3 5 to 15 7 to 15
4 0 to 5 0 to 7
Natural Durability – Probable Life Expectancy

Class 3 In-ground:
5 to 15 years

Class 2 Above-ground:
15 to 40 years


A Karri Deck provides the ideal look for both modern and classic homes, and is the perfect choice for large commercial projects.

Treating the timber with a suitable oil or clear stain will allow Karri Decking to retain its lively red colour with overtones from pale pinks to rich reddish browns.

For more information about Karri Deck, give us a call!