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New Zealand’s most popular and well known hardwood decking, a naturally beautiful tropical wood, Kwila is very stable and offers a vibrant deep reddish appearance.

Keylands proprietary, factory oil coating provides for deeper oil penetration than conventional surface application which enhances the timbers appearance and weathering performance. Exposure to the elements will weather the surface over time and the timber will, if left untouched, weather off to a silver grey. To maintain the natural colouring will require reapplication of a penetrating timber oil every year or two. Kwila is highly resistant to decay, is rated Class 1 for above ground applications with a life expectancy in normal conditions of 10 to 20 years.

At Keyland, we care about nature and our natural environment. With FSC® certification for our products and a sustainable approach across our business, we really are honestly natural.

Width x thickness (finished)LengthsCondition
140 x 191.8m – 5.7m randomFactory oil coated
90 x 191.8m – 5.7m randomFactory oil coated

Available in random or selected lengths.


Advantages of Kwila

  • Kwila is rated as ‘very stable’ with low shrinkage and movement.
  • Kwila is very dense at around 1200 kg / m3 and hard (Janka 8.6kN, seasoned).
  • Keyland Kwila is kiln dried to achieve ultimate stability and finish and can come with our proprietry factory oil coating.
  • Keyland Kwila is free of chemical additives or preservatives and comes with the trusted environmental credentials of FSC certification.
  • Kwila works brilliantly with the CAMO concealed deck fixing system.

Disadvantages of Kwila

  • Kwila will leach (bleed) natural tannins from the wood which can stain driveways, cladding or other surfaces. If leaching is of concern, we would advise against using Kwila.
  • Kwila is heavy at around 1200 kgs per m3 and will generally require pre-drilling of fixings.
Keyland’s pre-coated Kwila is available through any good building merchant

For more info, get in touch.