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Keyland is a specialist provider of high quality decking, plywood, outdoor timbers and fixings. We are a wholesale supplier with our range of products available from all leading timber and hardware merchants.

Keyland’s leading products are produced from responsibly sourced, sustainable plantation forests, including our flagship KeyDeck which utilises leading edge technology to produce a superior, natural wood decking product. The Keyland products have proven performance in Europe, Japan, New Zealand and the Pacific region for more than 15 years with continual improvement and product innovation to ensure the decking products can be the best they can be in terms of performance, appearance and environmental impact.

Formed in 2016 as a specialist provider of high quality decking, outdoor timbers and fixings, Keyland has gone from strength to strength, growing into an efficient, specialist supplier to the New Zealand trade sector and various offshore markets.

In 2018, Keyland formed their panel solutions division expanding their range and offering a full suite of ply and panel products.



For any enquiries, please either call us on 0800 113 171 or use the contact form below. We look forward to hearing from you!